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A Fabulous Event Awaits You​

Planning a large affair can be a little daunting. Even the most organized individual needs some assistance. Tackling affairs yourself forces you to lean on family or friends when you simply want them to enjoy the event. Time is of the essence, and time is not always an asset we have. A&E Events can assist with as little or as much as you need to ensure you enjoy the process of creating your affair as much as attending it. 

Hiring an Event Coordinator Is Not A Luxury Of The Few

It's more affordable than you think. And the designing of an affair from planning to execution originating from a single source orchestrates a more seamless event.

Your affair is a special time that you should enjoy to the fullest. Don't spend it stressing out about the details. We'll discuss all your ideas at length, then design a plan with a variety of options for you to consider. When you hire A & E Events, we'll make it all happen, keeping you updated regularly, of course. You can trust your affair will be executed to your perfection

It's My Passion, Not Just A Job

As lead designer and Artist, I view each affair as a unique opportunity to create and display my work of art. Whether my medium is design built props, floral arrangements, custom or artistic centerpieces, or simply color coordinating textiles, I strive to create each element uniquely to blend and enhance the event design.

Give Yourself a Gift!

Give yourself the benefit of a personal assistant during such time demanding coordination.

From Back Yard parties to large gala celebrations, Let A & E Events help make your affair an enjoyable success.

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